wine refrigerator


Welcome! Gracious hosting, ample tables of good foods, and fine wines...
Any occasion or any day, a wine refrigerator keeps the wine that sets the mood.

wine refrigerator

wine refrigerator

Our line of beautiful wine refrigerators* provide an elegant and tasteful way to store and display your personal wine collection. Your red and white wine selections can be cooled in the same unit together. Adjustable controls allow you to personalize your wine refrigerators temperature between 39° and 65°.

The full line of wine refrigerators can satisfy even the most discerning wine collector. The many styles, sizes, features, and innovations make it simple for our wine refrigerator series to please all. In a wine refrigerator, your wine will be preserved longer, taste better, and age properly.

Wine Refrigerator, 20 bottle capacity
20 Bottle Capacity Unit
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We offer two distinctive free standing cabinet designs. Our Premier Edition features an amber tinted, double panel, countoured glass door framed in either silver or black. Flush mount security lock and key is also featured in this line.

Our Designer series features an elegant full-view flush glass door design framed in black with silver or black trim. A heavy duty brushed metal handle is also featured.

Soft interior lighting can be achieved at the flip of a switch allowing elegant presentation of your prized wine.

Our wine refrigerators are available with full extension, glide-out track racks or manually adjustable slide-out racks. Both allow for easy retrieval of your red or white wines. These wine refrigerators are available in classic chrome or black coated vinyl.

20 Bottle Capacity | 24 Bottle Capacity | 30 Bottle Capacity | 34 Bottle Capacity
42 Bottle Capacity | 46 Bottle Capacity | 50 Bottle Capacity | 60 Bottle Capacity
120 Bottle Capacity


A wine refrigerator will keep the bottles stored so that:

  • The cork stays moist.
  • The wines are at the lowest stable temperature possible
  • The location is free of vibration.
  • The location is not a storage area for other items that  have a strong odor.
  • The humidity is kept constant.

A conventional refrigerator is not the right temperature, does not maintain a constant humidity, stores wine close to the bright, hot interior light, and vibrates from the refrigerator compressor. A wine refrigerator is also energy effecient!

Our wine refrigerators are designed specifically to avoid these pitfalls, and keep your valuable investments at the peak of flavor.

Wine Refrigerator, 60 bottle capacity
60 Bottle Capacity Unit
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"Life is too short to drink bad wine."
-William Shakespeare
wine refrigerator
wine refrigerator


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